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Lighter Heart of Hope Package

Created to honor National Bereaved Parents Month in July.  

Offered through Summer Only

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Are you grieving a loss?  Was this loss recent or even years ago?  Have you started your grieving process?  Maybe you did a little bit of processing, or maybe it has yet to begin.  There are a variety of techniques and tools you can use for your grieving process.  Reiki should be one of them.  Invite the Light of Reiki into your Heart!


Or is your loss too much to handle?  Do you see and feel life under a heavy, everlasting burden?  For one reason or another, a heart in bereavement becomes overshadowed with sadness.  I am honored to create special one-on-one time with you; and I will be there offering Reiki to support any changes you are ready for.  In this Lighter Heart of Hope Package, let Reiki begin to remove that unnecessary burden.  

An experience of support like this is unique in itself because
I am also a bereaved parent.

This package includes a Healing Meditation with Reiki session, which begins with a guided meditation that creates a safe place to let go.  The issue we focus on is specifically about your grievance process.  We explore where you are in the process today, how it may have effected you, and where you want to be in the future.  Please know that other connected issues could surface, but our intention Wwill be about reshaping your grievance.  **Details about the loss are not necessary if your aren't comfortable discussing them.  We can still achieve this without reliving the past.

Then you will receive 45-minutes of therapeutic Reiki.  At the end of the Reiki session, there will be a post-session reflection.  I will document both your issue before and after the Reiki session.  The notes I make will be copied and given to you as a take-home for your personal review.  At home, you can meditate and use this document to revisit these issues to see what other transformations occur.


As a way of reconnecting to this Reiki experience, you will be given a crystal.  You'll have the choice of a rose quartz or selenite crystal to carry whenever the desire to connect is needed.  These crystals will be used during the Reiki session, so they will be fully charge with the love and light of Reiki and all other loving energies dedicated to this session.  Both rose quartz and selenite have qualities that provide support for those who have lost a loved one. 


Total Time - 85 minutes

Total Investment - $135*



*Please note a $35 Deposit must be made at the time of scheduling.  (Debit or credit accepted.)  This deposit will be kept as a No-Show, Cancellation, or Less Than 48 hour Notice Rescheduling Fee if circumstances arise on customer's end.  

*If customer keeps original appointment, the $35 will be applied to the Total Investment and the Remaining Balance due at time of session is $100.  

*If customer reschedules (Less Than 48 hour Notice), the Remaining Balance due at time of session is $135.

This is what I've been waiting for, I'm Ready to Schedule! 

The Essentials


What are the benefits and commonalities between a regular Healing Meditation with Reiki session and this Lighter Heart of Hope session?

  • Gain your willingness to open for renewal during a guided meditation.

  • Align with the hand-picked aromatherapy flower essences that support your session.

  • Relax to the quiet meditative music that will lightly play in the background

  • Release yourself to a deeply nourishing Reiki healing technique for 45-minutes.

  • Uncover your personal shifts during pre and post session dialogues.

In addition to the commonalities, what are the EXCLUSIVE benefits I'd get from a Lighter Heart of Hope session?

  • Courageously focusing on your current and future grievance process.

  • Discover your instantaneous change on your take-home copy of session notes.

  • Receive a gift of Reiki-charged crystals specifically designed for compassion, peace, or spiritual connection.



Common Questions


What if the loss happened a long time ago?

The Lighter Heart of Hope Package is for any parent who lost their young child who had so many years left to live.  The loss can be caused by any situation, foreseen and unexpected.  And the date of the loss does not matter because grieving happens for years after-the-fact.  It can carry on in your heart for decades.  A Reiki session can work with both former and recent losses. 

I have lived my life since the loss, and I think I properly grieved, do I need Reiki?

I personally think so.  I feel that I am properly grieving because I journal, meditate, nature walk, and Reiki.  More importantly, Reiki is my primary technique for healing; and I benefitted SO MUCH that I started this service-based business because of my experiences with Reiki and with loss.  It is with my whole-heart that I offer and provide you with a way to find peacefulness and a better life through Reiki.  


Time moving forward is inevitable, and is one of the most difficult things to accept during the grievance process.  You live your day-to-day routine and it's sometimes difficult to pause.  If you don't give yourself the proper ways to grieve, you can interfere in your grievance process without knowing it.  A Lighter Heart of Hope session may lift sadness with a peaceful ease that requires NO work on your part.  You just need to pause with me.


Or maybe you have grieved.  Everybody grieves differently using a variety of techniques and support. Is Reiki a tool you haven't tried in your process?  This session may help shed light on where you are in your process, and it may reveal or release issues your other techniques did not.

There's a lot of reference to the "grieving process", do I have to I know anything about mine?

Nope.  You're not in an instructional setting with me.  You don't need to know steps of grievance or anything like that.  We will work together focusing on how you have grieved, how you feel about it, how you feel about the loss, what your life has been like since the loss, etcetera.  These can be just some of the areas of exploration during our Reiki session.  

This loss broke my heart and I still can't talk or even think about it.  Should I come in?

Yes, please do come in!  As a Reiki Master and as a bereaved parent, I will handle our conversations with thoughtfulness from a tender heart.  During ALL of my Reiki sessions, including this package session, my highest priority is to provide a special space for my client.  There are pre and post questions and discussions, but what we talk about is completely confidential.  More importantly, you are the one that leads any in-depth conversation; when you elicit and bring about specific topics or details, that is when I will add to our conversation.  But if you don't feel comfortable, I fully understand when you say, "I'm not ready to talk about that."  This session is not about me, it is about your openness and readiness.  

I know I need support with my loss, but I don't want to talk about it.  Can Reiki still help me?

Yes, Reiki can still help you, if you are willing to relax and open your heart to it.  I have personal experience about how much you openly voice your issues verses keeping it inside.  In those circumstances, I have experienced Reiki lift sadness even when I didn't want to talk about my loss.  Aloud I didn't want to confront the details; but in my head I told my body to let Reiki help me.  You do not have to talk about the loss in order for Reiki to work.  You just have to allow Reiki to come in and support you in finding your lighter self.

This sounds great, but I still have Questions.  Can I Send them to You?

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