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Mission - 
My mission with Belligham Reiki with Christine is to educate the community and the world about the Japanese therapy, Reiki.  Is to focus on working with pregnant families and postpartum (no matter the years of post) Assist and support families during this transition in their lives.  I have experienced and believe that with Reiki, this transition can be better than what we commonly see and hear. I also want to use Reiki to support mamas, dadda, through postpartum to balance this transition before the thought of postpartum depression moves from mild to extreme.  Moreover, I support the movement of emotions families may experience during childloss; miscarriage, stillbirth, and neonatal.
vision - 
my vision for the future is to have clients benefit from reiki and want to incorporate it into their personal lifestyle and bring it into their daily lifestyle with their families.  i want my clients to reap the benefits of reiki and educate their friends and family members about the benefits.
non-pregnant clients - 

Although my primary mission is to support.  because of my direct personal experiences, my calling is to support the prenatal and postnatal community at large.  however, i have various experiences in working with clients who are non-pregnant.  i have witnessed broken bones , pain relief, surgery recovery, acute and chronic diagnoses, grievance, spiritual connectedness, and more.  I am available with openness and loving opennarms to clients pregnant and non-pregnant.

Bellingham Reiki with Christine was created by Christine Markowski to support the community through offering the Japanese therapy, Reiki.  Primarily Christine focuses on working with individuals and families going through the pregnancy, labor, and postpartum events in life.  Although, she gives Reiki to all those interested in reaping the benefits of Reiki.
Bellingham Reiki with Christine was created to offer Reiki healing to those looking to improve their life.  It was created to introduce the community to the amazing things Reiki can do.  It was created to spread the word that Reiki is another form of aid in healing.  It was created to help those release fears, worries, anxiety about pregnancy, labor, and events thereafter.  It was created to support those transition from life changing events.  It was created to improve the world, one Reiki session at a time.  It was created to let others know there is another business in the community ready to support them when each person is ready to experience Reiki.  It was created after several years of Christine's life experiences; and her experiences instilled a passion to educate and be of service to the community; specifically those in the pregnancy, labor, and postpartum stages of life.
I feel that with the benefits I have received from Reiki and others have benefitted from Reiki that more people need to experience it, too.  
More specifically created a business to support those in the community at the pregnancy and postpartum stages of life.
Help those who want to add to their life another way to aid them in a better life.
Reiki has helped me connect to my true self, and discover what I truley value aside from external influences.  Offering it to the community in hopes of teaching and holding workshops about Reiki wellness.



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