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Supporting those who want relief both physically and emotionally to improve their body, mind, and spirit.  Personal experience and work in pregnancy, pre & post partum, all degrees of maternal depression and/ or anxiety, child loss (stillbirth, miscarriage, abortion), grief, and labor drama or trauma.

April 22, 2020

Sometimes I have clients who choose the hands-off technique (my hands hover inches above the body) instead of the hands-on touch technique.  Although my hands are never on their body, my clients are still amazed to "feel" energy as if it were a hands-on technique. 
If Reiki works with me inches above the body; then Reiki can work with me miles away from your body! 
And it does work!  My clients have told me they feel the energy shifts, even when we are in separate locations.  For a long time I have offered it to my close friends or family.  But now that our world is quickly assimilating to online business during the COVID-19 pandemic, so am I.
This is called Distant Reiki.  We set-up an appointment time, talk on the phone or video chat, and proceed to complete the session with you at home...or where ever you can be peaceful.  At the end of the session, we talk again.
These sessions are priced the same as face-to-face sessions.  You also have a choice between the Regular or Guided Meditation sessions.  
I'm so excited to offer Distant Reiki to you.  We all are facing stressful and uncertain times; and our usual ways of de-stressing may not follow the current Stay at Home guidelines.  So give Distant Reiki a try as your way to de-stress while you are at home. 


Stay Home...Stay Healthy


Classes, Workshops, Shares, and Experiences have been temporarily cancelled to observe the Stay Home & Stay Healthy guidelines that delay the spread of the virus SARS-CoV-2.
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My name is Christine, and thank you for visiting my website.  My website will always be under design; and updated with new information.  Please revisit periodically to view what is new.  Don't forget to connect to my social media for instant updates!

Christine Markowski, Reiki Master


Upstairs in Massage Works

1316 King Street, Suite 3

Bellingham, WA 98229




Accepting Private Pay.


Cash, check, debit, credit and gift certificates.

Health Savings Account (HSA)*

  *Reiki may be covered.  Please call your HSA representative and ask if energy, complimentary or alternative medicine is covered by your account.

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